King of Pentacles- Security, Control, Power, Discipline, Rich, Stable, Patient and Fatherly.

He is a hardworking man who has achieved stability and security through his own efforts. He has simple taste and enjoys the good things in life.


He sits on amazing which is quite unlike the throne of the other 3 Kings.

Bull- Connects to the Earthy sign- Taurus most amazing clothes. He rests a large golden Pentacle on his knee which he regards proudly. His crown is trimmed with green which connects to the Earth.

He is totally grounded, practical, stubborn and hardworking.

His armour and golden orb in his right hand remind him that he is a proud and powerful ruler. He is very aware of position and status.

Clothes is covered by fruits he is very rich.

Grapes- Growth,fertility, transformation, blessings, hospitality and youthfulness.

Backside Castles- Deal with goals, obtaining our desire.

Flower- Growth, Joy and Beauty.



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