Queen of Pentacles- Practical, Homely, Motherly, Down to Earth, Caring, Sensitive, Nurturing.


She sits on a decorative throne with multiple carvings of pears and apples. A young child and elderly man’s face worked in the elaborate engraving of the upper parts of her throne. Her curved arms rests proudly display a goat’s head-Determination, Action and Leadership. It is a sign to take responsibility, get up, take action and get motivated to accomplish our goals.

Her throne sits amidst a countryside environment surrounded by trees, Flowers, Mountains and Lakes.

Rabbit- Decisive, Action, Importance of friends and family. He is either unaware of the queen or just comfortable with her presence. Natural Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

Flower- Growth, Joy and Beauty.

Sky is sunny, clear and bright.

Red Gown- Passion, Enthusiasm for everything.

She Is involved in nature.

Under Gown-Pure nature.

Green Cloak- Connection to the natural world but also that of material world on her lap rests a large pentacle like it was child. She is aware of her strength and abilities.
Yellow- Intelligence and Satisfaction.

Rose- Purity, promise and Beauty.


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