How To Do The Good Signature

-There should be no dots or lines below the signature.

-There should be no space between the initials and the name.

-You should write all the names continuously.

– Anticlockwise move should be avoided either at the beginning or through the signature similarly a downward slant should be avoided.

– A signature that extends horizontally does not indicate progress life will have its own up and downs and with medium result. This signature indicates moderate life.

-When the signature is given a changed form, there will be changes in the body and mind almost immediately.

-The slanting down signature indicates ill reputation, legal disputes, imprisonment, family problems and business down. Many such problems will push the person down.

-Signature that slant upwards while give on upwards swing to the person. Every effort will be crowned with success.

-The length of signature should not exceed 6 CM; a longer signature will lose its life force and will subsequently lose. Its mesmerizing effect also. Similarly too short a signature will be short of mesmerizing effect of signature. Therefore it should not be of a length than 3 CM.


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