If you are born on 8th, 17th and 26th. This number is governed by the planet Saturn.

Number 8 As Husband
Basically, you only have a weak desire to get married. You prefer loneliness and like to be left to yourself. You also find it difficult to choose your partner. You prefer seclusion solution to social gatherings,as a result of which you make your married life miserable. You are very orthodox in your views and do not allow your wife to adopt modern ideas in dress at home or in public places.

Number 8 As Wife: You have masculine personality. You are capable and systematic. You enjoy your family life. Your fault is that you lack feminine warmth, sentiment and delicacy.

Number 8 and Number 8

Two number 8s become strong in combination. When they come together, they dissolve into each other and try to please each other. If both husband and wife are interested in human welfare organization, they remain together and help the organization.



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