Aries- Try not to hold yourself. Let all your inhabitations shed. You are being offered with heavenly blessings in return of your good deeds,accept it with open heart and open mind. You are on the path of righteousness ,continue your journey with clarity and self-awareness. This month you will have curiosity to learn new things or you will be easily convinced by an apparent truth.
Angel Message- Open your heart chakra. Have heart to heart conversation with people in your life. Angels are with you to protect you and guide you.

Taurus- It’s a period of new opportunities -it could be new job offers,or any new projects. Favorable time to buy a house, people planning to sign up agreements.. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions in detail. Just know that you have the strength to take new opportunities, listen to your intuition and go ahead with confidence. It is also a time to know yourself and self love. Go out and spend some time with yourself. An open conversation do not hold anything back, just allow yourself to say something whatever you want to say.
Angel Message- This month you need more avenues for creative expression. The angels are guiding you to look for such outlets at work and at home. Your life purpose and a meaningful career will come through creative ways.

Gemini- This is a period of self -recognition and attaining success through self -efforts. It’s a month of success and maintaining balance between work and family life. Success will definitely be attained. People in management will have more control over their roles. People who are very generous and not very outspoken will have to work hard to maintain a balance in their work and personal life. Overall a harmonious month, which talks more about success and happiness together. Reconnect with a man will be favorable for you.
Angel Message- Take Certain steps before your prayers can be fully answered. In first and second week it is the perfect time to act. The situation will work out well provided that you don’t delay.

Cancer- One should take a break from hectic schedule and get stable for some time. Not a time to move plans ahead or take immediate actions. One should first think about the situation and then act i.e. do not take hasty decisions in this month. This is a time to go for partnership and explore the unknown. People who are already into relationship, their life going to be very energetic and fun-filled. Health wise Cancerian will be more cautious on their eyes, lungs, kidneys whatever comes in pair. No place for being lazy at the end. Spend some time in nature.
Angel Message- Communicate your needs and expectations to others because with these things situation can be rectify. Handle conflict with honesty and love.

Leo- Sun is shining upon you some good news or some new projects are on your way or you will start some new projects, but they are not interested the way you want and that will cause you a heart break but be least worried as the Angel’s have set all that you want exactly the way they want and the way in which you will be benefited. Don’t be afraid of your heart breaks as its temporary. You will be very happy the things will unfold for you the angel way. Success is there and you will review your success globally. You are intelligent and talented. If you don’t get stuck in your heart break world will be in your hands. In 3 months’ time you will see the results. For Career best month, new opportunity which you want are not there but which are best for you will come. In Love Matters don’ t cry over the heart break go out and meet people and you will find a new mate which is far better than the previous one. In Health there are heart ailments visit the doctor before it’s too late and all will be fine. Be alert in travelling.
Angel Message-Time to move on. Choose logic over emotions. Stay strong and committed towards your goals use your intelligence time to grow, new opportunities waiting for you it’s a win win time

Virgo- You have come a long way and now is the time to relax a bit. Last few months have been really exhausting and tiring for you, you have done a lot of hard work and now you are at a stage where it’s time to reap the results of your hard work. Do spend time with family and yourself. Try to balance work and personal life. You may have some excisions travel plans etc. a good time overall .Try to settle old things within the family.
Angel Message-Go outside , connect with nature it will relieve your spirits and nurture your inner child. Bonding well with mother earth keeps you grounded. For eg-walk on muddy ground, move to a more rural environment.

Libra- You can achieve your goal if you will just keep trying. New opportunities and achievement are on your way. Possibility are there for small travel or journey. Control your emotions and your dreams will come true-remove all the obstacles so you will have the vision to move forward. In a relationship just communicate with your partner. In Health it’s a great time to start a new exercise regime! This month Not to react on abusive things.
Angel Message- A win win situation is around. Keep up the faith and positive frame of mind if the situation seems bad look for signs of underlying progress. Use positive affirmations and prayers to keep your spirits high.

Scorpio- There may be trouble related to career, finances or health. Take time to review what is happening in your life and what you really want. Lot of patience is required. You need to be calm. Meditation will help. Allow your intuitive powers to guide you-the change will come. There is even a chance of plans for travel or journey related to some business planning. Your foundation is firm and work can be fearlessly continued. Prepare yourself to move forward. Be open to helping everyone- including yourself. Don’t suppress your spiritual insight.
Angel Message- Make an inventory of your life, commit to make changes and look at past events in a humorous touch. This card also reminds me to take ample rest.

Sagittarius- You have a goal in your mind and you are working hard on it maybe it is a relationship you are working or on career front. There are much struggle going on and some lady figure is very bossy on home front who is controlling you in making decisions other side is you are emotionally blackmailed and now you are struggling in between what to do what to choose but balance both the things and you will achieve what you want. Balance your thoughts think logically as well as from heart blend them and outcome will be good. As you are not able to make a decision be firm listen to both aspects and act wisely. Career front is like you have a choice to make so choose wisely after considering all aspects. Love life is shattered right now as you are unable to decide what to choose and health is little bit on a deterioration as mind and heart are on high function take care of health. Overall things will move very slow in the month of September. You will do self -care during grief.
Angel Message- Focus on your progress, instead of expecting perfection from yourself. Each day, take at least one small action step concerning a project that you are passionate about.

Capricorn- All over a good month for finances and new ventures. Travel and good news is on the way. Students will get success in studies. They need to overcome fear and focus on their goals. A month to reflect on the past and overcome resistance to move ahead. Seek blessings of your guru. Believe in your abilities. Success is on the cards. A good time for investments and taking decisions. A time to rejoice and enjoy. Marriage for few on the cards! Be alert with fake education or fake things.
Angel Message- This month remove toxins from your body. By doing spiritual cleansing. Call upon Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael to remove and heal you from toxic situations.

Aquarius- You’ll have to work hard, may improve yourself and focus on the tasks diligently. Might get a new career or financial opportunity. Express your enthusiasm and passion towards whatever you are doing. One can start to learn something new or try new skills or techniques in the upcoming month. Extra effort and action is needed to achieve your goals. Find great depth and deep meaning in the emotional life.
Angel Message- You received this message because the angels say that you would benefit from energy work, such as Reiki, meditation etc. The angels suggest that you initiate a session where you would receive an energy healing treatment or you can give energy healing work to others.

Pisces- Give and take is an act of love whether its money or love any kind of energy exchange should be balanced and stay out of any kind of drama. Take action but wisely not in rush. It will give u clarity and new opportunities are here for you just let go of your past and get ready for the new things. You will meet some clever people at an event.
Angel Message- If you are judging your own mistakes or others. Let go and consider it all an act of innocence. People involved in this situation are guiltless. Let go all your worries to angels and see the magic unfold.

Credits- Me and My Students.


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