rishi bagree
Born on 26th August 1979
His basic number adds to 8 and destiny number adds to 6.
Basic Number 8 from his date of birth that is 26 (2+6=8) – He is practical and honest. Once he decide to do anything he will not leave any stone unturned to accomplish it. His continuous effort, determination and patience will help him to reach at his final destination. He will get  great achievement and earn name and fame in his life.
Destiny number 6 that derives from his full date of birth 26.8.1979 (2+6+8+1+9+7+9) =42 (4+2=6) 6:- He is Charming, youthful and attractive until his old age. His success and personal happiness depend on how much good he can bring, as well as on the love and sympathy that he gives to those who need him or ask for help. But he should not sacrifice his own life for the sake of fulfilling his duty.
His name adds to:-
Rishi  Bagree
   12      18
Total :- 30 is for full name. 
And Result of Number 30 is that he is very intelligent and talented. It is adviced to him that he should concentrate more on learning and acquiring wisdom on matters which interest him.
He likes to do what he feels is right. At times, just for his own satisfaction he gets involved in certain difficult tasks, without expecting anything in return.
12 is for his first name: This number 12 indicates mental worries. Number 12 people sacrifice their lives because of others or for welfare and happiness of others.
18 is for his last name:- This numbers denotes quarrels and enmity. The people of this number always suffer on account of family disputes and enmity with other persons.
Current Dasha according to Numerology is of Ketu which started from 2018 and will continue till 2024. In this dasha period he may have chances of financial gains, happiness from wife also. He is likely to explore more about spirituality.
Now his numeroscope chart according to vedic numerology. 
Moon, Saturn, Ketu and Mars are in his numeroscope chart which makes him very hard working person, he has brillant mind & he gets many ideas which he wants to implement at the earliest.
Lucky Years will be 2027, 2028
Running Age -41 (4+1=5)
Enemy to Year Number- 2020 that is 4 Name Number-3 & Destiny Number-6 is also indicating that this year he will face up and down in his life.
Tarot General Predictions
Work-He will achieve high level of status in chosen field or reaching goals. It can also indicate that an older man will provide him a practical support and encouragement in his career.
Finances:- He should watch his outgoings to and make sure he thinks before spending.
Health-He needs to utilize his  motivation and mental capacity to make lifestyle changes that will positively impact his mind and body.
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