Past Life Reading Part 2

Past Life Reading of my Younger Brother

What Blocked him from achieving his soul purpose in that life-time?

I draw the Devil Card and Judgment (Reversed) card. Now I can relate what were the things in my brother’s past life. The Devil means he was extremely concerned with the material side of life. He always felt that he was trapped by someone but he had the power to loose that trap. He constantly blamed others for his situation. But yes many people were working against him. He had an addiction of many things like alcoholism, drug-taking, and unhealthy relationship. He was totally dependent on material things.

After getting judgement reversed card it’s confirmed that he had fears which were not released in that life time. He acted in haste without concern for the consequences. He had a poor judgement and lack of clear thinking. He was not a spiritual person. Other people judged him unfairly, people were against him this thing blocked him from achieving his soul purpose in that life time.

What were the events that blocked him from achieving his soul purpose or any personality changed at the end of his life.

Wands – Three of Wands and The World Card means A foreigner, Travel and plans. He always looked for a new territory or new markets products for his business. He had tested his products on the foreign market or look to overseas for inspiration. He was always ready to take risks in business matters. He had good knowledge in business. He had travel around the world to see more opportunities in his life wherever he goes he get a new experience.

Cups- Queen of Cups, Moon (Reversed )-He was deeply attached to his mother. She was always there for him in every aspect of his life. His mother always wanted to know everything why, when, where and what was happening in his life because his mother wanted to create a good environment for him. She was too possessive for him. When I got a moon reversed card my thought was like my brother had fears about his mom, because he was very concerned about his mom. He believed that he will loose his mom and that’s a thing his personality got changed because of fears in his life.

Swords – Sun, Five of Swords – He was very passionate person. He was in a position where he shared his highest achievement with others. But people were against him because he was very powerful person who had achieved a lot in his life, they wanted to finish him. Those people were like criminal who can kidnap etc etc. They were bullying him. There were group of people who want to harm him.

Pentacles-Ten of Pentacles (Reversed), Devil-He always want a shortcut, He liked gambling and risks in his rush to reach to the top. He was influenced by opportunist who came to him with their get rich quick scheme. He believed that hard work is for silly people. He had lavish lifestyle but inside there was a different ideology he had massive debts and heavily mortgaged homes and premises because he was addicted to gambling so he lost many things.

What did he learn from that particular life that is beneficial to his current life- The Fool – A carefree attitude who doesn’t listen to anyone because he has faith in God and his inner-self at his deeper level that he can achieve anything. His thoughts are pure, he will never hurt anyone. He is an optimistic dreamer.

What lesson of the Past Life Is he working on in this lifetime?

Death-He accepts everything which is not important he released his negativity and fears. He knows when negativity comes positivity will definitely come. He doesn’t give knee jerk reactions & watches what happens. He Always try to remove his bad habits or pattern of his behaviour which is not necessary in his life.
Q. If he had that life time to live again what would he do differently? Does he have any Regrets ?
A Hierophant (Reversed) & Strength-Yes these cards suggest thar he had some time to live again, He would use his knowledge or spiritual things to overcome the events that shaped the end of his life.He had no courage to face intricated situations he was in.
Q. What is his soul purpose in this life time? How well is he is advancing with his soul purpose in this life time?
A-His soul purpose in this lifetime is Chariot means he is best when he is on the move. He works hard & move with the flow of things.
People will appreciate his strength & willingness. He should focus on changing time. He has the will power & good intuition with this he can achieve many things.

He is advancing well in his soul purpose new perspective & gather experiences from all walks of life & molding them into new prospects for his future. If he has a good talent he can get good things.

What are his blocks to achieving his soul purpose? What are his biggest challenges?

The Moon Reversed card and The Sun-He has a deep rooted fear of success that fear will not harm because the presence of The Sun Card. The Sun card is telling him to think positively. His biggest challenge is to believe that he will get abundance, achievement in the end.

Who is here to challenge him? Who is this life time is here to help him succed?

Page of Swords(Reversed) and Knight of Pentacles (Reversed)-Represent those who wish to rush him and who doesn’t have patience are biggest challenge to him.

Knight of Cups and King of Swords-Those who believe that sometime one has to wait and they can show emotional attitude and clear cut all the confusion.


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