Your Numerology Predictions 2021- According to Your Date of Birth


There is an easy way to predict our personal year number.


For Example- Date of Birth (DOB) is 5th December and we want predict how the year 2021 is going to pan out.


5+1+2+2+2+1=13 (1+3=4)


So, 4 is the personal year number for year 2021


So once you’ve figured out the number based on your date of birth, the following are the results:-


Number 1

This year your vibration will be strong. It’s the year to start new endeavours. Do use your initiative. It’s a good time to develop your potential. This is the year to accept the change. This “one” year is under the ridership of the sun, you should “shine” this year.


Number 2

This is a year to form partnerships be it personal or business, or to work cooperatively with others. You must accept the ideas of others as being on an equal basis with your own. Take mature decision. Under the emotional, sensitive and traditional nature of the moon, this is a year to work out the details rather than to start new projects that would meet with feelings of apprehension in others.


Number 3

This year, under the influence of the planet Jupiter it should be a very happy time for you. This is a year for self-expression in art, music, writing, etc. Push creativity to the forefront. Social vibrations are very high this year. Friendships should bloom and it’s a good year for business if you keep it on a light, friendly and sociable level.


Number 4

This year, being honest will work in your favour rather than acting clever. Your dedication, passion and focus towards achieving a goal will determine your success. Be logical in whatever decision you have to take. In hindsight, it’s a year more about character development rather than for material gain or fun and games.


Number 5

Be prepared to innovate, to come up with new ideas to improve business, career or personal relationships. This year, you will feel inclined towards doing well for others, which is why you will be seen actively participating in charity and social work.


Number 6

Under the nurturing influence of Venus, this is a year to make sure everything is organized and business oriented. Debts should be paid and collected or, at least, arrangements made for the payments or collections of debts. For marriage in this year, make sure that the domestic life is worked out equitably to the satisfaction of both parties. This should lead to a harmonious and happy relationship. It is most likely that you will explore new avenues that will provide you with greater growth and financial stability.


Number 7

This is a good year for personal recuperation, introspection, study, and self-improvement. Your financial conditions will become stronger, you may get monetary gains. This year is also of transformation. Don’t worry if you experience lack of energy this year, since it’s only temporary. If you are looking for a new career or business this year, pursue travel or communications.


Number 8

With an upswing of energy and power within you, this is the year for pursuit of material things, of money. Proceed carefully so as not to incur loss, but this is the time to invest, expand your business and to take any suitable opportunity that presents itself to increase your wealth. This is the best time for you to try things that you have never tried before. Try to come out from your comfort zone and don’t afraid to fail. Your efforts will give results.


Number 9

This is a year to get rid of things, associations or relationships that are not in your best interests. It is the time to make strategies and learn lots of skills. Don’t pressure yourself if things are not working out as you expected because this is the year for a variety of involvements or experiences.

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