The Hermit Tarot Card (Number 9) is a card that is known for always providing balance. But it is so much more than just this. Have a look at this small guidebook made by Tarot Card Reader Ruma Marwah to get all your answers.


What does the Hermit card mean in a tarot reading?

It means you maybe looking for guidance from the invisible world. You want to gain perspective on your life, and you’re open to the inner guidance that’s available to you. Some answer you will not get from google but you get from inside.

What is a hermit person?

A person represented by this card is unselfish and very knowledgeable person where people can look to this person for guidance. A true old soul is a person who is mostly in their spiritual quest and looking for enlightenment. 

How to read Hermit tarot card?

To read Hermit tarot card like a teacher who can share his knowledge, wisdom, and advice you are guiding the way. He says if you quiet you’re mind you will hear the voice of God speaking to you. 

How hermit tarot card affects our health?

There is not much health problem but bad luck could indicate which will make you depressed. This card tells that you must return to your own vision of health and lifestyle away from the opinions of others. 

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What role does hermit card play in our love life?

In a love reading, you may feel a need for sometime alone to discover things about yourself and your path in life. The Hermit may indicate that your focus on relationship need to change, not a good time to make your relationship priority.  It’s a time to do soul searching.

Which is the best combination card along with Hermit?

The Hermit and the hierophant are the best combination to read because both are wise and bring spiritual awareness.


What does reverse hermit card mean?

The Hermit suggests you’re ignoring or rejecting the wisdom being offered to you. Alternatively, the card can show a time when you are cut off from your usual support systems or have been unfriended by those you trusted.

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