The Magician Tarot Card (Number 1) is a card that is known for always thriving on will power. But it is so much more than just this. Have a look at this small guidebook made by Tarot Card Reader Ruma Marwah to get all your answers.

What is the Number 1 tarot card?

There is Magician in one number, Wheel of Fortune, ace of wands, ace of cups, ace of swords and ace of pentacles.

Magician:- The Magician’s number, that is one in Roman numerals, it implies the conscious self, the ego and the will power. At the same time, magic, including the magic of divination, happens when we can allow the energy to enter us and then direct it to manifestation.

Wheel of Fortune: – The wheel of fortune is a reminder of the mysterious cycle of life, death and rebirth, and of the invisible forces that measure them out to each of us. Circumstances will change for the better. It can be hard to stay balanced, but go with flow and trust the process.

Ace of Wands: – It means great energy, happiness, optimism. Ace of Wands is a new beginning. You are ready to express yourself in a new, dynamic way.

Ace of Cups: – It represents new beginnings in your emotional life. You are experiencing a period of joy, contentment, affection and creativity. It indicates you are on emotional high and enjoying life. Sometimes it indicates the birth of a child or idea.

Ace of Swords: – It represents new beginnings related to principled thinking and effective communication. You are able to focus your mind with clear thinking and cut through confusion or obstacles with a mental clarity. An opportunity is being offered to you- grab it. Sometimes this card points to a breakthrough or inspiration.

Ace of Pentacles: – It represents new beginnings related to health, monetary matters, financial opportunity, and material well-being. It is a card of great joy. Now is a time of reward and recognition for your persistent effort and hard work.

How is the magician tarot card helpful in love?

The Magician tarot card is helpful in love by bringing two people together. It urges you to feel the power within you and to recognize that you have the power to create your own reality.

You can create the relationship you want by being honest with yourself and with your partner about your heart’s desire.

Can Magician Tarot Card help us in our career?

Magician Tarot Card helps us in our career by working on original ideas into practice or with an opportunity to mentor someone or be mentored by someone who will give you the benefit of their experience.

With right communication and right skills you can achieve anything in your career.

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What does reverse Magician tarot card mean?

When reversed, the Magician may be using his willpower, knowledge and skills for less than honorable purposes.

How can magician tarot card affect our financial well -being?

It tells you to tap into the universal flow to attract abundance. Use your skills to pursue your vision and you will get success.

What does the timing of the Magician Tarot Card mean?

There are many methods to read timings in Tarot. Some will say it is first number so January can happen. Or astrologically it represents mercury and the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is the planet who has fast thinking so it happens quickly, or you must take charge to make it happen.

What are the Keywords For the Magician Tarot Card?

Personal Power, Intention, Will Power, Skillful, resourcefulness, masculine energy, motivated, intelligent, taking action, Energy and knowledge.

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