Top 10 cards for Encouragement

1. The Empress:- This card is known as “the mother card” of tarot reading. The reason is that it represents a beautiful woman with blonde hair with twelve stars crown and making you feel the connection between the God and Earth life which is the divine feeling. As a mother, she depicts the meaning of ‘Love yourself.’ Moreover, exploring the places, expressing yourself completely in dancing, singing and cooking. It also represents new journey in a way of pregnancy, new partnership or a new project. Overall, it encourages you for exploring your feminine side.

2. The Emperor:- The emperor card illustrates the image of a disciplined ruler holding an orb in hand in white beard which shows his age of experience in ruling the kingdom. The emperor card basically signifies the “Man power” in terms of control, confidence, trust, knowledge, preservance and problem solving approach towards others. Alternatively, this card indicates you to control others in your supervision and make discipline around the surroundings. Also, it appears with the meaning that you are going to play an expert or fatherly role soon.

3. The Hierophant Card:- Most commonly name of this card is ” the spiritual card” or “traditional card.” Because it’s appearance depicts the meaning of a link between human and superior power. Also, this card motivates you to take or give advice and follow the traditional paths rather than following the unconventional practices. The Hierophant Card is like a teacher card which indicates you to share your value, thoughts and ideas with others and make your and their life successful and better.

4. The Strength Card:- The card meaning is very clear, ” Strength.” This card has the beautiful picture of a woman touching lion which makes us fear as touching lion is scary. It has the deep meaning like to ” overcome from fears.” This card gives you strength to fight from your fears and win the battle. In other words, this card represents the indications to move on in your life, take new ventures, take further actions and improve your life and health and fight with your injuries.

5. The Magician card:- The image of magician is printed on this card with the meaning that this magician can bring change between the mankind and spirituality or links them positively. The magician card denotes the meaning of human’s creativity, intelligence, quick understanding to be used at best. Next, it suggests us to fulfill our deepest desires with hard determination and finally to reach our goal. Likewise, the magician influences others so it indicates us to impress others smartly and hit your goal easily.

6. Ace of wands:-It illustrates a picture of hand surrounded by a white light holding a sand where new leaves are sprouting and rest is the nature. This holds the meaning of a “Fresh start”. Ace of wands generally suggests you to go for the new beginnings, addition in your family, starting a new job or business and meeting the new person in your life. It assures us to believe in a new beginning and forget the difficulties of your life as it will not last forever.

7. Ten of Pentacles:- Beautiful image of a husband a wife with 2 white dogs and grandchildren is shown in this card. Also, the gentleman of this card is a rich leader and head of the family who has achieved a good wealth and reputation and now feeling satisfied. Similarly, this card symbolize the financial assurance and stability, accomplishment and satisfaction in your life. When this card pops up in your tarot card then it indicates you the sense of fulfillment and no more wanting but also to share your success with your family members who are depend on you and take their responsibility by giving them comfortable life. Lastly, it tells you that in the end of your life, your family is your real support and to protect them from crisis is your responsibility.

8. Six of Swords:-This card shows the image of a man on boat with his family and moving towards a new direction. In other words, this card tells you that now you are in a bad phase of your life but soon this phase will go and you will be in your good times. It motivates us to be strong in difficulties and bear the bad phase strongly. It acknowledges about your business hurdles,  love and professional life barriers along  with the poor health.  Interestingly, six of swords Card is a problem solver card of your life and asks you to be a strong as ever.

9. Six of Wands :- This card is symbolised for winning the battle, success and having auspicious time now. This card tells you that this is the time to enjoy your victory as your battle or journey is over now. In real world,  it’s indications are related to your job or business success. In job,  you may get a promotion and in business, your business will go on a next level. Furthermore, it tells you that you have a good self-esteem and people recognizes you as a leader or winner. In the last, this card is a joy card by telling you that there is no more struggle in your future and now enjoy this time.

10. All Kings and Queens are encouraging cards because they are like parents.


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