Cards for love marriage

1. Two of cups Card:- This is the lovers card because it picturized a man and woman exchanging the cups and spreading the love. Two of cups card is symbolised for harmony, trust, compassion, balance, care amd equality in lovers. It’s appearance makes senses that you are going to be fall in love soon, your present and future relationship with your partner will be beautiful, remained forever and reach to the wedding palace. Overall, this card is a great omen for couples.

2. Lovers Card:-The lovers card image is very engaging as both a man and woman standing naked beneath an angle who is showering blessing in a way of love, sensuality, care, unity and a promise of forever togetherness. This concludes that lovers card gives sign of lust or intimacy, mutual understanding, unity and sharing common values among couples. Which means that a couple has opened their heart for each other or can be referred as a romantic tie. In the end, it tells us to be loyal for our partners and should not hide anything from our partner.

3. Magician Card:- Magician card is one of an auspicious and lucky charm for lovers. If this appears in your tarot reading then it assures you that your profound love will enter soon in your life with whom you can share your life and emotions. On the other hand, those who are already in a relationship, this card depicts the meaning of deep love and suggests us to take your relationship to the next level.

4. Nine of cups Card:-A satisfied man’s picture is printed on this card where he is sitting relaxed by crossing his arms and wearing red hat. This card has the postive and winning trophies vibes as it tells us that you will surely get your desired lover and assured us highly. Next, your dreams, desired, wishes will be fulfilled. Nine of cups card pops out then it means a big “yes” for your love relationship or marriage.

5. Six of cups card:-An emotional card is the second name of this card because it appears like two people are happily exchanging a cup with full of flowers. Six of cups card gives you the signs that you will definitely meet your loved ones soon, you are already in a harmonious relationship with your partner and may be you will meet your past loved ones in near future. This card also tells you that express your feelings to your partners and share good and old times together.

6. The Empress Card:-In context to love marriage, the empress card suggests you to get mingle if you are single. This card encourages you to take a new step in your life by meeting new friends, by increasing your social circle and engage in a romantic relationship and explore your feminine side. The woman imaged in this card tells you that your partner is waiting for you and whoever your partner is really a faithful, committed and loving for you.

7. The Sun Card:- The sun card in tarot reading tells you that you are with the right person. If you add in a relationship then this card is specially for you as it assures that your suppose is very caring and supporting for you and you can definitely share everything with him/her with no fears. Also, this is the right time to take your next relationship step by planning baby with your partner. For those, who are single or committed in a love relationship, this card has the advice to marry your partner and live beautiful and romantic future together.

8. Four of Wands Card:- This card has the image of home and a message that it’s the right time for stability. Four of wands card also predicts that you have found your soulmate and it’s the time to get settled with her and make your home happily. This card has the positive outcome with the higher compatibility factor in love relationships. It advices us to end our search for love and hold your this partner forever.

9. Knight of Cups Card:-A childhood fairy tale story image is shown in this card like an armored knight sat on a white horse with holding a golden cup in his hand and seems like he is to going to propose someone. Similarly, this card indicates that a lover will knock your door with whom you can live a romantic life and he can be your dream man too. Furtherly, it gives you the sign of your wedding or an unexpected offer. Overall, it represents offer and commitment of deep love and a new journey.

10. Page of Cups and Ten Of Cups Card:-  First, page of cups,  card shows an image of a woman holding a cup, So this tells you are going to have a good engagement, marriage and baby birth.


Secondly, Ten of Cups card generally holds the meaning that it’s time to joy your victory. It tells you that your struggle or journey is finished and now it’s time to live  a harmonious relationship with your partner and enjoy at every step.




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