How to do 3 spread Tarot Card?

This 3 card spreading technique is followed by almost every Tarot Card Reader.

It includes past, present and future readings. Also about challenges, outcomes and advices.

Even you can know about your morning, noon and evening by this spreading this Tarot Cards.

Also you may know about your mind, body and soul.

Let me give you the live demo of this card spreading.

One of my client wanted to know that his travelling would be safe of not. So, here I am pulling 3 cards for him. What I got is three cards for him that includes Knight of Pentacles, Four of Cups and Knight of Cups.

Before starting my reading session, I check the common dominators like here “2 nights.”

Here nights are giving message about action and adventure.

Overall, I am explaining here in one statement about this Tarot Reading. That if it’s necessary or urgent then you should go on your journey. May be, in future, you will get better and more travelling opportunities. So, you can wait unless that comes to you. If urgent then you can go on this journey.

Lets take an another example. Here I am drawing cards for knowing about my mind, body and soul.

The results are The Moon, Six of Wands and The World.

1. The Moon; This card is totally suiting to my health and emotions. Yesterday, I was worried about my health as you know in this speedy spread of coronavirus circumstances everyone thinks the same. And my mind was not stable. So, it makes me aware to be strong and think positive about yourself.

2. Six of Wands = It indicates that I need to pay more concern to my body. May be I need to maintain my health more with exercise and good immune system.

3. The World = This is good card for my soul. It depicts that I am mature with my clean heart.

Overall, you can initially learn these Tarot cards by spreading 1 or 3 cards in the beginning. After completing this level, you can easily move towards another level of this spreading.

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