How to Remove Negative Thoughts?

Do you know the fact that:

Your daily thought process offer you 60,000 thoughts every day. And these thoughts are mixture of good and bad thoughts.

So, today I will tell you about;

5 Ways to Say,”Goodbye” to Negative Thoughts;

Follow these tips and soon you will notice the change in your thoughts.

So, let’s start now!

1. Keep Peacock Feather Under Your Pillow

2. Apply the Orange Colour on Your Nevel

3. Walk Barefoot on Grass and Recall the Name of Almighty 108 Times.

4. Chanting of Gayatri Mantra for 21 times.

5. Take Bath from Healing Oil for 21 days.

Try these remedies and see noticeable changes in your thoughts with hope and good thoughts.

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