How to Predict Tarot Timings Perfectly?
Namaste. I am Ruma Marwah
Today, I am going to discuss Tarot time period my upcoming videos will be on the same topic. There are many methods in tarot cards for time period choose the one that gives you most accuracy. Then, you can follow that method.
Most questions we get are as follows.
When will I get married, when will I purchase a new house and when will I get a job?
For example, client asked: when will I get married?
Always see the potential of the question
Talk to the client and ask if they want to do love marriage or not?
If They want to do love marriage, ask what is their relationship with their partner?
And you will get to know these things you will tell answer clearly.
You can ask what is the potential of getting married in two years, if it is love marriage you can ask with partner.
Wands represents fast energy suppose someone asked when will I purchase a house. These cards represents days, fast energy. Is there a possibility that you can purchase a new home in a few days? No.
Always check the energy. These techniques will give you a lot of answers.


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