Tips for sustaining money in your life.


How does Money Affirmation Help in Sustaining Wealth?

Affirmation for Money Sustaining

Hi, today I will talk about money tips first I will tell you about affirmation where in neurolinguistics programming talks when we are using affirmation use like this I am becoming, I am receiving because you have to send a message to your subconscious mind. We have not received anything the way in the law of attraction told that I have received this amount or whatever, we have to say I am becoming, I am receiving you can follow these small things. You will see the changes if you want to receive them. It is very necessary to send a good message to the subconscious mind.

Now we will talk about money tips.

Tip:- Take Green colour crystal-like green aventurine and green jade. Write down your wish on a paper related to money like I am receiving this amount you can keep the crystal on the paper. Then sprinkle the cinnamon powder because cinnamon enhances things. It is a very useful tip that will give you benefits.


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