Ace of Cups:- Spring Season (March, April and May)
Ace of Wands:- Summer Season (June, July and August)
Ace of Swords :- Autumn Season (September, October and November)
Ace of Pentacles:- (December, January and February)
There are fourteen cards of each suits and aces represents seasons if you don’t include aces so the remaining cards will be 13 cards.
13 cards will represents weeks means 13 weeks within each season. The days cards are presented by the major arcana and prediction restricted to within three weeks, 21 days of the week within the season start.
The fool represents the immediate events – those that take place within the week of the prediction being made.
Ace of Cups:- It will represent spring season and suppose you got   3 of cups it will represent third week and third card you got lovers means 6th day
So the answer is, within 6 days of 3rd week of spring
NOTE: Season depends upon Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere


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