How to achieve Success?

Hi, today, I will talk about success.

Everyone has the desire to get success some people do a lot of effort but they don’t get success sometimes it is karma. We should always do our karma we should never run from the Karma.

When we do some remedies we definitely get the result. If you put our positive intention.

Let’s know about Remedies.

Remedy No. 1:- 

Take lodestone (chumbak) anoint with van van oil or you can use lodestone oil. When you are anointing oil say your intention and how you want success after anointing put it in a red Potli bag. You can do it on any day but prefer to do it only in the morning. You have to visualize how you want to succeed.

Remedy No.2:-

Next Remedy takes lodestone oil put some drops of lodestone oil in the bath water do it for 43 days you will get the success.

To Purchase Oil:-


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