Four Tips For Identifying Right Tarot Deck
It is vitally  important that the first tarot deck you buy is the right one. Many Tarot Readers purchased new decks but they don’t resonate with it.
  •  Swing It:- Mostly we purchase deck online, it is still possible to employ this technique. Instead of swinging your pendulum over the deck, acquire an image from each day you are interested in, print it out and swing your pendulum over the page.
  •  Intuition:- One of the best ways to choose a day is to allow your intuition to steer you to the right deck. Very often, your inner guidance will reveal to you whether it wants to work with you and any chosen deck.
  • Research:- A quick internet search will bring up in number of websites offering example images Of a number of cards of any given deck . All this information can help you get a flavour for the theme of the tarot deck and how you might come to work with it.
  • Ask For Help:- always feel free to ask for tarot deck advice from experience reader, your mentor they are friendly bunch and usually happy to give their advice.


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