How to do Yes or No in Tarot Cards

Yes or No

There are many methods to tell yes and no answer to a question. Try to do different methods until you find the one that suits you. This method you can use with Elements.

Separate the minor and major tarot cards

You will do a 2 card Reading answering yes/no, soon/delay, and positive/negative type of questions.

Yes /No: Shuffle the Minor Arcana deck only.

Think of your yes or no question.

If you get Swords(Air) and Wands (Fire) it is Yes.

If you get Pentacles (Earth) and Cups (Water) again it is Yes.

If you get Wands (Fire) and Cups ( Water) it is a likely yes, but not as same.

If you get Swords (Air) and Pentacles (Earth) it is a likely yes but not very much same.

Wands (Fire) and Pentacles ( Earth) is likely no.

Cups (Water) and Swords (Air) is a likely no.

Now another Method

Cups and Pentacles cards are positive- Yes

Wands and Swords are negative- no

Major cards is neutral (50-50)

Single Card Yes or No

For this you should Know about yes or no of each card. Positive Cards are Yes Negative Cards are No Confused cards are maybe Negative element+ negative element= negative answer Positive element * negative element= Neutral answer.


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