Tarot From Playing Cards

Reading fortunes with a deck of playing cards is fun for entertainment purposes, but you can also use this as a way to analyze your take on a situation. The cards have their own personalities and ways in which they interact with one another to develop a story or overall picture of what’s going on.

  • Spades- Swords (Communication, Thinking, Intellectual and Logical)  and Air Element.
  • Heart- Cups (Emotions, Feelings, Intuition, relationship) and Water Element.
  • Diamond- Pentacles ( Money, Materialistic Thing, Body) and Earth Element.
  • Clubs- Wands (Creativity, Energy, Passion, Action) and Fire element.

Numbers and associations

  • Ace – Beginnings and Opportunity
  • Two – Balance and Cooperation
  • Three – Connection, Sharing;
  • Four – Stability and Foundation
  • Five – Activity; Disturbance
  • Six – Flow and pattern
  • Seven – Mystery and Change
  • Eight – Movement, Harmony/Health.
  • Nine – Growth, Wishes, and Idealism
  • Ten – Completion

The royal court as types of people/archetypes

  • Jacks The Jacks represent children and young people. Jacks can also represent thoughts, so there is the idea of movement connected with these cards.
  • Queens The Queens represent women, feminine things, and the divine feminine principle. Queens represent motherhood and love, and they are nurturing and creative. They bring emotions and intuition and healing to their respective suits.
  • Kings The Kings are grown men, and are the highest ranking court card. They denote mastery, authority, control and leadership. Male, usually mature, or in a position of authority.


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