Remedy for Money flow

Materials required

  • Red colour cloth
  • White rice
  • Turmeric powder


  • Procedure -On Friday morning, the practitioner should take a fresh bath, and place a red cloth before the God or goddess picture or statue at home.
  • Take a few grains of white rice and few quantity of the turmeric powder in a clean and dry plate.
  • Mix them well up to the white rice grains become yellow colour.
  • Then transfer this rice grains into the red colour cloth before the God and tie the clothes without rice grains fall down.
  • Then place this red coloured cloth bag behind this statue or picture of the God and lighter land, fragrance and offering fruit.
  • Keep the bag behind the statue or picture for 7 days and repeat the procedure like lightning lamp, fragrance and offering the fruits.
  • On the 8th day, after bathing, -Open the red colour bag and keep the yellow rice grains at the bottom of any tree.
  • Place the red coloured cloth in a money storage bag or wallet.


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