Seven Ways To Love Yourself.

1.When you wake up in the morning, give yourself three loving compliments- I am strong, I am beautiful and I love myself.

2.Before you go to sleep,think of three good things that happened to you that day.Like grateful talks, quality time with friends and family.

3.When you brush your teeth in the morning,look into mirror, look into your eyes and say,”I love you,” and mean it. You can also say good morning beautiful.

4.During the day pay attention to any subtle energy shifts,and ask your heart for guidance when anything is off balance.Pay attention to your mood shifts and ask internally what they’re about.

5.Put a white loving light of protection around yourself everyday.The white light is an iridescent light that you place around yourself from head to toe. You can do this for yourself.This will open up all the good energy and block off all negative energy, whether that energy is real or imagined. Negative energy cannot pass through the white light.

6.Every three hours think of at least one things that makes you laugh.

7.Appreciate yourself for making at least one creative choice a day.Like- You have good intentions,you work toward goals that make you feel passionate and purposeful.


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