Toilet in North Leads To Cancer
One cannot decide the correct direction for his various activities in a particular Space. Many Vastu consultants who do not understand Vastu correctly argue that a toilet represents a Water element and hence should be placed in the North direction. Even worse, many of the so-called Vastu advisors say that Vastu Purusha is a demon who has his head in the North-East (NE) direction, so the toilet should be placed in the North-East. MahaVastu experts have visited and corrected this fault in hundreds of such places because a toilet in the North (N) direction was blocking receipt of payments and new opportunities. A toilet placed in North-East (NE) infact causes neurological problems and even cancer. Doing so hinders the evolution of the mind and gives way to chronic diseases and acute depression. In totality, it also hampers growth and vision.
The fact is that a toilet represents the act of Disposal. Therefore, the ideal place for a toilet is the Zone of Disposal. If placed in the Zone of Money and Opportunities (North), it will flush out these aspects from your life. It can also be placed in the West-North-West (WNW), which is the Zone of depression and low moods. Here, these negative aspects get flushed out from life.


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