A Play With Surprises Spread

I did this reading for my client.

Past I-The Known Side- Five of Swords
In past she was bully by some people. They didn’t care that they were hurting and destroying her badly. There was a lot of misunderstanding, as well as listening to the actual words of her instead of guessing or thinking that what she was trying to say. Her thoughts were influencing day by day. She tried to make others believe that she was right but this thing did not change anyone’s mind.

Past II- The Unknown Side- The Hermit -She felt isolated that no one really understand her. She knew that she can’t change the people mindset. But she was not focusing on that she was destroying herself.

Present I- What is Here- In present situation here is travelling.She is free from restrictions or binds. She can find a solution and can achieve her goals if she remove her fears.

Present II-What Will Come- If she is avoiding anything or running from any situation. She will catch by someone and people will destroy her. She is hiding from her own people. She needs to be super alert and smart. Those around her and involved in her situation are very clever and intelligent.

Future I- Your Present Plan- Seven of Pentacles – Her present plan is what she has been doing or what she is expecting back. If her plan is very solid she can find a healthy return of that.

Future II-Something Unexpected- Wheel of Fortune -If she wants to do some business or anything else she should take some risk. Change may be sudden or exciting. If she is happy with her present life positivity will come otherwise vice-versa.

Surprises-Stunning Possibility-Ten of Pentacles -A very comfortable life she can live andimages-1 her family will support her or her family can guide her in a surprising way.


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