Tarot Symbols

Six of Cups

In the six of cups, her friends or family memt will happily take her home to ensure that she is well cared for and love back. 

White lily to a small figure who wears white glove-Innocence, Protection. The smaller figure looks up to the taller one with rapt attention. They stand in a garden-Safe and protected walls also.

The taller figure does not appear to be old than the smaller one but there is an acceptance between them. She is happy to give and she is happy to receive.

Children-Promise, hope, fresh start, Innocence, simplicity, youth, beginning, innocence.

White Hair-Knowledge and experienced person.

Flowers-Joy, beauty

Cross-4 elements,4 directions.

Some old friends can come and meet, want to return to the old memories need to experience child like joy. The 6 of Cups can also acts as a warning that you are living with the past. If you continue to live in the past life will pass you by and leave you behind.



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