Tarot Symbols
King of Cups

His throne looks more like an arm chair chosen for its comfort and ease rather than legal status. He looks calm, relaxed and quite. The king’s gown shimmers with hues of watery blue and green symbolizing his connection to the element of water.

Yellow and water cloak- quite and gentle he is also highly intelligent and its capable of deep passion.

Fish pendant around his neck-connects to water element.

He holds his cup proud and firmly in his right hand even though this king is at sea he looks like he is the middle of entertaining.

The Right hand- that he has been allowed to feel and express his emotions instead of repressing them.

Ring on the middle finger-asks question about the relationship between father and child.

Sceptre- King’s authority.

Crown-Colour and bright responsibilities comes before self expression.

Fish and Dolphin-Healing, Spiritual communication.

Ocean- Infinite possibilities, mystery, depth.

Ship-Levels of the psyche and the subconscious. In a reading where your thoughts are travelling.


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