Five of Swords- Conflict, Tension, Loss, Defeat, Win at all Costs, Pleasure in harassing people, Not a nice person.


Extremely negative to man holds 3 swords. Two have been slung over his shoulders while the other is held in his right hand. 

Red Leggings and Red Top- Passion and Energy he has for battle.

Green Over Garment- His need to conquer and Gain Territory. The Man looks back towards a figure who has turned his back to us as he walks away.

Two swords lie scattered on the ground as if they have been thrown down in either disgust or surrender. It may belong to the 2 figures in the background or they are not interested in engaging in this issue.

Ocean- Mystery and Depth, we must acknowledge that there may be high power at work or in our lives to release our control or to open up.

Clouds- Potential, Mystery, Some hope and Inspiration also.

Brown Hair is Blowing- Stormy Atmosphere.

Mountain-Challenges and Conflict that must be overcome in order to succeed. It also symbolise the overcoming of inner demon and negative mindsets.



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