Six of Swords- Regretful, Mental Healing, Retreat, Support, Travel, Journey from tough phase of life to a better phase.


Land Mass or island where some trees grow on a landscape- Gentle atmosphere boat, A man, woman and child. The man has taken charge of the boat while the woman and child. They sit hunched over on the bench seat just in front of him. The Woman wraps her child around her cloak.

Man looks young and healthy. Colour of his clothes blue, brown, green and red- He is quite a balanced individual. Man is here to help and can be relied upon to safely deliver the passenger to the other side.

Woman looks exhausted, negative the woman and child need help. All have turned their back it indicates on the past.

Man is telling to a lady and child to be calm hold tight, don’t look back, don’t look down.

Child- Honesty, Simplicity, New Start.

Ocean- Mystery and Depth.

Tree- It is at the centre of the tree, the balance point the heart and the soul.

Boat- It speaks to our intuition mostly about navigation boats come floating into our awareness during reading, question are like where I am going?



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