Seven of Swords- Cheating, Something has been taken, An emotional theft, be careful in signing of papers, Ignorance, Choice, Getting away with something.

SymbolsA man in a strange attire to sneak out of a military camp. He walks on tip toe so that no one can hear him. A group of soldiers sit around a camp fire oblivious to the danger that looks not too far away. There is an enemy in the camp and he has just stolen 5 swords or taken back what he considers to be rightfully. He wants only 5 swords he has left swords in the ground. He may be an enemy in the camp or traitor but the man appears to be getting away with it. He is so clever.

Deep Yellow Sky- Man is using intellect, his logic and reasoning to cleverly sneak in unnoticed. He could be stealing from his own people. Dishonest, Behaviour, lies and underhand dealings are also suggested with this sword card.

Flag- Victory (He will caught) / announcement to change. It is a bright, bold obvious sign that a new day is dawning.

Cities/Villages- Thoughts, Energy and ideas. They are for common goal. It also symbolises protection, harmony and team work.

2,3 people at backside, he is running from something one leg is down. If theft is involved, then this man thinks he is smart as fox he is looking over shoulder as he runs. His reactions and movement now require him from society.


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