What is the meaning of the Strength Tarot Card?
This card suggests you need to face a situation with courage, determination, and
fortitude. It reminds us to follow our passions, to take the time to do the things
that make us tick, that makes us string within ourselves and which builds
confidence and self-worth.

What is the meaning of Reverse Strength Tarot Card?
It denotes a lack of courage, lack of passion and impatience. You feel hopeless
and fearful in the face of powerful instinctual desires you imagine are beyond
your control.

What are the keywords of the reverse Strength Tarot Card?
Keywords:- Abuse of power, lack of courage, compulsive behavior, afraid and lack
of confidence.

What is the meaning of Strength Tarot card in love?
In love it represents passionate love and indicates compassion attention to the
needs of another.

What is the meaning of Strength Tarot card in money?
In terms of money, this card indicates not to take any decision in a haste manner.
Before investing your money, always check the positive and negative aspects, as
bad decisions will lead to a loss.

What is the meaning of Strength Tarot card in health?
Don’t struggle for anything or waste your energy fighting your current condition,
but handle things with a calm manner.


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