Six of Pentacles- Genorsity, Charity, Giving Prosperity, Sharing Wealth, Giving or Receiving money.

It tells you to examine your skills and talents and how they play their role in our life and lifestyle. It shows generosity to others.


Man is giving means he is a wealthy. In his left arm he holds a scale to weigh or balance the needs of the recipients at his feet. He must give, in a fair and equal manner but that does not mean that each will get the same.
The 2 Begging figures have learned some important lessons in life as they gratefully accept the offering from their kind benefactor.

His clothes are splendid role of beggar may be forced upon them and very likely only temporary. It carries a strong message. It reminds us that our circumstances in life can change very rapidly we can become rich or bankrupt overnight.
Scale- Balance, It tells that what they are getting what they deserve at this moment in time. When the scale is tipped more to one side we know we need to take some corrective action.

The figure need to stand up and face the man on equal footing for they may have much to teach him.

Yellow Clothes- Positive

Blue Clothes- Emotional

Tree- Growth

Hand-Power, Protection (We give and receive from hands) Energetically and Physically.


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