Single word is a magic.
Word is the biggest fear in our life. What you think you manifest through your word. What you feel, what you dream, what you really are will all be manifested through your word. Your word is like a heaven or hell if your word is beautiful you can create the most beautiful dream, if your word is bad you can creates a living hell.
If you love yourself you will love others. If you make a commitment with yourself not to make fault with your word , just with that intention, the truth will manifest through you and clean all the emotional poison that exists within you.
For years we have received the gossip from the word of others, but also from the way we use our word with ourselves. We talk to ourselves constantly and most of the time we say things like, oh, I look fat, I look ugly etc. Do you see how we use the word against ourselves? We must begin to understand what the word is and what the word does. First deal with yourself and then deal with especially those you love the most.


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