Knight of Pentacles- Trustworthy, Loyal, Bossy, Faithful, Protective, Hard working, Simplicity, Uncomplaining.

He is a practical and dependable personality who will always work hard to get what they want. The Knight of Pentacles asks that you use your inner awareness and follow the guidance as it will protect and direct you in your service to others.


His horse is sationary while all the others are moving. He is not in a hurry anywhere and has all the patience.

All the efforts has paid off and now he has decided to invest.

Yellow Clear Skies- He has put much thought into his future goal the Pentacle he holds and admires.

Oak- Connection to the earth and he knows he can manifest anything so he desires by using its energy.

Horse- Strength, Motion and Action. His horse is a dark. In a reading this gives us pause to consider where we are charging to and why because horse have charging nature. He has cut himself off from the deeper things in Earth.



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