Page of Pentacles- Financial Opportunity, New Job, Security, Wealth, Abundance, New Beginnings, Sincere and Thoughtful.

The Page of Pentacles depicts one who is respectul of others and appreciates the value of learning and study.


A young man with luxuriant hair was dark and healthy glow slight tan skin. His clothes match with land.

5 Pointed Star-Balance and Natural law and order of the Universe.

Star- Human body, Head, Arms and Legs. Four Elements.

Small Flowers- Joy, Beauty, Growth, Receiving the Light of Love, The sweet smell of success.

Feather-Deal with higher thoughts, communication with spirit energies, expresses intuitive wisdom.

Mountain- Triumph, Challenges, Consider the heights to which we are climbing.

Plowed Fields- How we do it, Patience is required.

Yellow- Intelligence, Cheer, Satisfaction. He is child and young from at heart. He is very Immature and he has to take decision very patiently and control his money. Desire to learn all things, great concentration in his interest.

Pentacles in his hand- Represents his goals and Dreams.


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