How to Find Lost Objects Through Tarot Cards.

It is very important to know about directions.


Earth- Pentacles -South West Direction.

Water-Cups- North East Direction.

Fire- Wands- South East Direction.

Air- Swords- North West Direction.

Space- Major Arcana -Center Direction.

Now how to find that object in a particular place.


2.Moon-North West

3.Jupiter-North East

4. Rahu/ Herschel- South West

5.Mercury- North

6.Venus- South West

7. Ketu/Neptune- North West/ North East

8.Saturn- West

9.Mars- South

Now where the object is in office or house.

Eg- Four of Swords for house it means not in a house and Two of Wands means it’s in an office.

Now where to find in office? Take out card for that. I got Strength Card it means it’s in center side. Eight means Saturn it means center of west direction.

Other Method

Places of Objects


Middle height or level, near a wall, by a fire or heat source, near something that is iron or steel


In water, lowlands, near moisture. Fountains, bathrooms, oil tanks, liquid containers.


Upper level, above ground, upstairs, near windows, fresh air.


On the ground, in the earth. By a bridge. Concrete or pavements

The Triplicities show how easy something is found:


The lost object is in its usual place: nearby, quick and easy to find


The object is not in its usual place, and will take longer to find. However, it is usually nearby, outside, or in an outbuilding such as a garage, or in the garden


Either far off, or close by, but hidden and almost impossible to find. This will take time to find, usually indirectly by a third-party


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