aditya thackeray
Born on 13th June 1990
With Number 4 i.e from his basic number and 2 from his destiny number.
In his name
Aditya      Thackeray

12             24

Total :- 36 is for full name. Combination of 3 and 6
And result of 36 number is that he always will come up with creative solutions to what he identifies as problems. And he’s always concerned about the welfare of humanity.
12 is for his first name: This number denotes tension, self sacrifice and show anxiety of mind.
24 is for his second name that is his surname only. This number 24 indicates a very lucky number. It promises the assistance and association of those of Rank and position with one’s plans. This number helps them to reach very high positions in their careers easily.
We all know his Surname is making him popular.
Current MahaDasha according to Numerology is of Saturn which starts from 2012 to 2020. In this Dasha period he will have a name and fame in politics.
For Politics Saturn, Rahu and Sun are important numbers. And he has Saturn and Rahu.
In Saturn Mahadasha and Mercury Antardasha is going on in this period, he will be a sound and sober person with great judgement. He is going to be a head of massive organization
Now his numeroscope chart according to vedic numerology.
Combination of Jupiter, Sun and Mars are in numeroscope he will enjoy kingly status, rich,  learned and honored by all. He is free from fear and endowed with all kinds of happiness.
Combination of Jupiter, Venus and Moon are in his Numeroscope his action will be high level of determination.Jupiter and Venus is giving him leadership skills.
According to Pyramid Number in Hindi we say stupank 
His Pyramid Number is  2. That is of Moon planet.
If we take all the numbers from his dob, dasha and pyramid
The numbers will be like 4,8 and 2
Combination of Numbers 4,8 and 2
He has some stressful mind but know how to motivate  himself from any mental sorrow.
Tarot Predictions
How will be his tenureship as a MLA?
I drew The Empress,  The Star and The Moon
It means he will inspire the people around him, with his passion. He will have a full of innovative ideas. He will lay down the foundation of a long term goal and will work towards it. There will be some miscommunication between him and his colleagues which can cause problems or misunderstandings among them.
How will be his political career in Maharashtra?
Cards Drawn- Seven of Wands,  Three of Pentacles and Wheel of Fortune
His conviction will be testedor, challenges to do something that is against his morals or judgement. He has to defend what is right for his area and he will put a lot of efforts to make things right. His dedication will not be going unnoticed. He will bring a better change.


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