First we talk about origins of these names

‘Bharat’ comes from Sanskrit and it’s the most ancient term of the three, with reference in the Hindu Puranas and the Mahabharata to ‘Bharatvasa’ and with a reference to a Bharata tribe in the Rigveda.

Calculation of Bharat


15 is for Bharat name– The determination to succeed in all their plans,to earn money and achieving their ends are signified by this number.

Vibration of Bharat

There are two vibrations of this name.


Bha:- Bhava (Sensation)
Ra- Raga (Taal)
Ta:- Tala (Rhythm)
It means the sound of Bharat has existential power. This power has to reverberate through everybody’s heart in this country.
Another Vibration of Bharat

Bhar- means Boj (Burden)

Rat- Means love

So the meaning will be like tie in love burden.

Hindustan is the Persian equivalent of `Sindh’ that refers to the Indo- Aryans while `Stan’ in Persian means land or country much like ‘Sthana’ in Sanskrit that means place.
Calculation of Hindustan

34 is for Hindustan Name- If we use Hindustan name ,most of the men will be either addicted to women or alcohol . Their minds will be to succumb ,to sensuous pleasures.
If we see our past history In that matter Mughal era, Most of the Kings were addicted to women and drinks and they showed their masculinity in that period.
Vibration of Hindustan

Hin du st an

From hin we get vibration of Hin ( jealousy) or vibration of he. Du and St becomes dust and an is used for individual.

It means the sound of Hindustan creates jealousy in individuals.

Now India

India was named after Indus River and this name was used by Foreigners including the British. The word ‘India’ is the english name that has been thrust upon us, during British rule.

Calculation of India


This number denotes tension, self- sacrifice and sacrifice is because of others.

There are 2 Vibration of India

India – Inhe Diya

In hindi, it means ‘they always give’.


According to Pronology in sounds ‘No’ in name’s vibration.

‘In’ sounds always give the meaning of ‘No’ and Dia vibration gives of Die

So no death or dying from Inside.
Therefore, As per pronology the best name for our country would be ‘Bharat’


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