Tarot questions

Tarot reading questions

1. What is associated with the suit of wands?
• Emotions and affairs of the heart
• Thoughts and intellect
• Career, work and creativeness
• Money

2. Which element/astrology sign/planet is linked with the hanged man card?
• Water, Neptune
• Water, Gemini
• Air, Scorpio
• Air, Moon

3. Which of the following is not a suit of minor archana?

• Sticks
• Cups
• Swords
• Pentacles

4. What numbered card represents loss, instability and opportunity for change?

• Five
• Two
• Seven
• Nine

5. Which card represents betrayal and heartbreak?

• Ten of Pentacles
• Three of Swords
• Three of Wands
• Ten of Cups

6. Which card represents the best to a dark haired, dark eyed and mature man?

• The King of Swords, upright
• The Queen of Swords, reversed
• The Ace of Pentacles, reversed
• The King of Pentacles, upright

7. What is the idle and respectful way to keep your Tarot cards?

• In a velvet or silk bag at a safe place
• Using a little wooden box near your doorplace
• Under the bathroom sink with sop
• Under your pillow in a plastic bag

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