People are stressed with rumours of third wave in the form of Omicron. This a new Covid variant is said to be ” highly transmissible has spread to atleast in 59 countries. Now, it is sparking in India, earlier this week, cases were found in Karnataka & Delhi.

So, are you worried about your health and loved ones? Want to know about the future Tarot prediction about Omicron arrive in India ?

To give you answer, let’s know what is the Tarot prediction about omicron’s arrive in India.

Page of Swords, Nine of Wands and judgement suggest that avoid taking stress about Omicron but do not forget to take precautions. Media is creating high-buzz about this like it will impact nation but the situation would be under the control & not like Covid-19.

Next, Seven of Wands, Ten of Swords and Emperor are concerning about your present & future. According to them, do not take Omicron light. If you do not follow protocols then it can impact your health & life badly. Protect yourself and family with this virus. You should also focus on your savings. On the other hand, like Covid-19, this time there will be less casualties. Even the govt. Is already prepared and this time, there will be no shortage of beds.

As per two cards -Chariot & Six of Wands, there can be lockdown for short period. However, it can be differ from state to state but not like 3-6 months lockdown.

Overall, this Tarot prediction suggest that there can be little effect of Omicron in India. However, you should follow protocols, focus on your savings and protect your family in this situation.

This Tarot Prediction is given by Tarot Expert – Ruma Marwah.



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