Tarot is the language of mystery, hints at magic, whispers in a spiritual experience language. Every thought, emotion, deed, or desire in the realm of human experience is illustrated in the tarot.

Everyone is intuitive. Everyone can master psychic ability. So whatever your intuition is saying listen to that.

The first thing you need to see the images of the card what the card is telling you. The mind relates through words and images; the heart, through feelings; the soul, through an innate sense if connection to our God-self.

Then second thing is to see the symbols because symbols holds a secret and it is like a process to connect to your own instinctual wisdom in a way that you’ve never been connected before.

Third thing notice the number and elements like to see common things in that.

Then start practising daily card of the day and make a journal and check daily.

The most important thing Keep your questions as simple as you can, with the emphasis more in experience than outcome. For eg Someone has asked will I get the job? This is like a straightforward question, instead of asking, ” What should I focus on during interview?
What challenges, if any, do I need to be aware of?


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