How to cleanse your aura?

Today I will talk about cleansing your aura. Our body catches negative energy very easily with that our Aura gets weak. I will share a remedy with that remedy your aura gets clean.

Tip No.1:- 

Take Epsom salt you will get from the market, medical stores, or online.

Take warm water and Epsom salt. When you put Epsom salt set your intention with this all the negative energy will be removed then put your feet on for 15 minutes you can play the music as well. And say whatever negative energy is it inside my body will clear through this water. Do this for 7 days a month. With this remedy, your aura will get strong.

Tip No.2:

You can smudge also. Take a bundle of incense sticks from top to toe you can remove all the negative energy. It is very important to remove all the negative energy.



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