Which Four Questions Should Not Ask the Tarot Readers?

Here is the list of questions with answers, you should avoid asking your tarot reader:-

Question 1:-

Will I win the lottery? 

It depends upon numbers. In this you can get guidance because there are rules in games and games change also we don’t know what will be the game so we should avoid these questions.

Question 2:-

When Will I Die?

If readers know they will not tell an answer because this is natural and what are the circumstances we don’t know? If readers know the answer they can confirm to their family by saying it’s good to spend time.

Question 3:-

When Will My Partner Leave Me?

The first thing you are asking against is because you don’t know the circumstances and situation of both sides, you don’t know the perspective of both sides. Based on this you can ask how will be the healthy relationship will go.

Question 4:-

When will I get married or when will I get a job?

It’s better to ask what the potential of getting married is. Suppose I say that you will get married in 2 years or 40 days your focus will go in 40 days of 2 years. You will not be able to do efforts for that. This is very important to do proper framing of the question.

If you are in a relationship ask what is the potential of your partner in a relationship.


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