How to read Love questions in the Tarot

Mostly readers get love questions in the reading. What are his intentions? what are his/ her feelings?

If the reader is getting these types of questions first thing client should hear truth some are bitter but the reader should know how to represent it.

You can make your own spread when you make your own spread you will get accuracy.

First Card represents You.

Second Card represents Them.

Third Card represents Dynamic in a Relationship.

Relate all the cards from first to second and second to third.


Another Method

You can make more spread

Card 1:-What common forces brings you together?

Card 2:-What is pulling you apart?

Card 3:- What needs attention in relationship?

If someone is looking for love, you can do this spread. You can create your own questions. For eg what do you want in a relationship for this you can make spread.

Card 1:-What’s your desire from relationship?

Card 2:- What other person desire from relationship?

Card 3:-In which direction your relationship goes?

When you read cards see the symbols. environment and see what the person is doing in the cards.


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