What is the Mystery of Numerology?

Numerology is like a cosmic puzzle where each number holds a unique energy and personality. By calculating numbers from a person’s birth date, you can uncover their destiny and basic numbers, which reveal insights into their traits and compatibility with others. It’s a fun way to explore the mystical side of numbers and understand how they influence our lives and relationships.


Numerology is based on 1 to 9 numbers and has a different characteristic. If you talk about a relationship, every number has a different compatibility. 

In numerology, we take a date of birth and we see the destiny number and basic number, the zodiac number and we calculate it. 

In this we study what the role of energy is and which numbers attract to each and which are opposite to each other.


For eg Priyanka Chopra

Dob:- 18th July 1982

Basic Number-9

Destiny Number-9

1+8+7+1+9+8+2=36 (3+6=9)


Nick Jonas


16th September 1992

Basic Number-7

Destiny Number-1

1+6+9+1+9+9+2=37 (3+7=10(1+0=1)


Compatibility of Numbers

1 Number compatibility with 1,3,5,9

2 Number compatibility with 1,2,3,7

3 Number compatibility with 1,2,3,5 and 9

4 Number compatibility with 1,6

5 Number compatibility with 1,3,5,6 and 9

6 Number compatibility with 4,5,6,9

7 Number compatibility with 1,3,6,7,9

8 Number compatibility with 5,6

9 Number compatibility with 1,3,5,6,9



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