Symbols in Tarot

The High Priestess

Pale Blue Gown-Purely Spiritual.

Cross-4 Elements, 4 Direction, balance and at the meeting place of the 4 arms is God. She has the knowledge of these things. She is the female presence of the divine as Goddess.

Globe on her head (Hathor)- Goddess of love, beauty and joy. It connects with next life or returning from physical back to spiritual.

Crescent Moon Beneath her foot- Reflection upon life or situation.

In her hand Tora-Taroh-She would need to use her powerful psychic and intuitive abilities to discover its content or remain for everything ignorant.

B Pillar-Boaz, Intuition, Creativity and the Subconscious.

J Pillar-Jachin-White, Physical force, Logic, Practicality, The conscious and Masculine.

Pomegranate-Fertility, Plans, Ideas and Dreams.

Pool- Universal Knowledge and Soul Purpose.

Moon- Deep Imagination, Feelings and Reflection.

Tree-Life’s negativity, she is hiding something, she has more secrets.


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