Number – 4

The Sacred Trinity sent vibration via the spoken word down into material form. The Trinity, or Godhead, is shown graphically as a triangle, which stands on the line depicting spirit descending into matter, making the symbol 4. Some see it as upright man carrying the Godhead Trinity. Pythagoras called it “Right and Left” the Land to your right and left as you stand, or the four corners of Earth. Geometrically, 4 is a square, the most stable of all forms. When a man is honest they say he is a square with you”.The 4 represents uprightness, honesty and integrity. The 4 is devoted to family, community and church.

The Square is closed in on all sides, so the 4 will set up its own limitations and sometimes feel boxed in. The 4’s will work hard for a secure future. They want to set a firm foundation early in life. 4 is an honest achiever and has material success.


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