Symbols in Tarot

The Empress

A 3 tired crown of 12 dazzling stars adorn her head symbols-Maiden, Mother and Crone.
Mother nature she understands the cycle of all life. We must fully experience from all aspect, open to read to accept joy, love and pain.

Maiden (Spring time)- Young, Healthy and Fertile.

Mother- Nurturer and career of both new life incubates, birth (summer time)

Crone-Wise woman with much experience who both the maiden and mother turn up for advice. She can bring us death and the end of cycle (winters time of her life).

Wheat-At her feet now ripe and full bloom all creations will also wither and die. She reminds there is a time to born, to be young, carefree, mature and old and let go.

Venus-Love, proud of her strong sexuality and extremely comfortable with her body.

Gown- Pregnancy, she is happy to sit and wait for things to reach their natural conclusion.

Golden sceptre- Power and force which she rules over her domain.

Waterfall-Sheer force of mother earth. Water is life giving but when it becomes a strong force, it can be dangerous.

7 Pearls- Seven chakras

Orb-Spirit and Wisdom


Sky-Clear and Harmonious time.


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