Four of Pentacles- Control, Stability, Security, Gain, Pride, Hanging to People, Not sharing or not wanting to let go, Not sharing happiness etc.

It is a card of good fortune and the ability to reach well sought out goals and aspiration. It indicates foundation, earthy and solidity.


A man sits on a stone seat with a town in the background. A Pentacle rests upon his head. He holds another like a shield at his chest. He keeps a tight hold of them, so it must be very valuable and important to him. The Pentacles are in his hands, on his heart, under his feet and on his mind. He is afraid that someone may try to take it from him.
Gold Crown- He is a ruler, He has authority and power.

Dark Brown- Connection to the Earth and Material world.

Black Cloak- Absence of colour and he has to learn that money cannot buy everything, especially happiness.
He is proud to display his realm.

Backside a city/ home-.Security, thoughts, energy, ideals, protection, harmony, teamwork. Effort is required.

Walls- Holding ourselves back, It’s a message we might need to get in a state of allowing in order for the good to shine upon us.


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