If tarot readers goes blank in a reading what should we do to resolve it? This is another query that a lot of my tarot course students encounter a lot of times. So in this blog I will try to solve that problem.

Just to be clear, it happens to the best of us; we are in the middle of doing a reading for someone, everything’s going along very nicely and suddenly it happens-we feel we don’t remember anything

Here’s a video on the same for better understanding:-

In case you don’t want to watch the video, here are a couple of ways to get you out of this problem.

The first way is to make sure to ask your client to pick up the card and with that card tell how it makes them feel. With that feelings you can draw more cards you will get answer and you will maintain the connection with a client also.

Second way is the easiest way like you can do addition of the cards. And give message from Major Arcana cards. For e.g. your cards are two of cups + four of wands +two of pentacles (2+4+2=8)

Eight card number is of Strength Card from the Major Arcana. Strength tells patience and compassion can solve any problems. And maintain your inner strength also.  These small things are important for tarot readers.

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